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Mary Landerholm was sitting in her human-trafficking class at MSU Denver when she realized she had been a victim of the crime. Since then she

Under lock and key

Nonprofit fights to end human trafficking by influencing policy, training responders, empowering survivors and more.

Tony Velasquez reading a book, with many books piled behind him.

The power of words

Here’s how a seemingly simple question led Tony Velasquez to one of the most prestigious schools in the world – Oxford University


Under the surface of sci-fi

Film series explores xenophobia, sexism and other social issues through fantasy

Cat figurine in alley. Photo by Kylie Henson.

Don't avoid these alleys

Neglected urban spaces get a splash of color thanks to surprising and inviting art installations

Emily Hunt, Recent Graduate Human Nutrition and Dietetics chopping a pepper

Try the $10 Challenge

Here’s how to feed a family of four on a budget without skimping on taste or nutrition

Black and white photo of jungle gym mixed with areas of color Photo by Kylie Henson

What happens when we don’t make time for recess?

While physical activity has obvious long-term benefits, research shows its value in the classroom, too.

Thomas Hoenig, Ph.D., former vice chairman of the FDIC speaks to the audience June 20 about the different factors affecting the U.S. economy over the next two years. Photo by Alyson McClaran

Former FDIC leader talks big banks, bubbles and Bitcoin

Thomas Hoenig, Ph.D., visits Auraria Campus in Denver, discusses factors to affect economy in 2018 and beyond.

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