Polina Saran

November 07, 2023

Science and Technology

VIDEO: No time to waste in 24-hour pooper scooper design challenge

In this daylong lock-in, student groups went from concept to prototype to solve a common problem for pet owners with limited mobility.

Polina Saran

November 07, 2023

For some people living with disabilities, picking up after their service dogs can be a challenge. Students from three institutions — MSU Denver, CU Boulder and Community College of Denver — had 24-hours to design and build a pooper scooper that helps people with varying levels of mobility pick up pet waste.

Pam Allen, a board member with Mobility Service Dogs, reached out to MSU Denver’s Industrial Design Program – the only one of its kind in Colorado – to set up the competition. “The pooper scoopers that we have seen on the market are cumbersome and difficult to work for our handlers,” she said. “So we’re really interested in having something that’s designed more usable and less cumbersome.”

Check out some innovative products that students developed in just 24 hours.

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