Amanda Schwengel

April 17, 2020

Social Justice

VIDEO: Mission ready: Houses for Warriors

U.S. Air Force veteran and MSU Denver Human Services student Andrew Canales founded his new nonprofit to provide adaptive housing for veterans with disabilities.

Amanda Schwengel

April 17, 2020

U.S. Army veteran Delbert Stracener’s Lochbuie home last year was devastated by a hailstorm at the same time his battle with spinal cancer required him to use a wheelchair.

Not only was the home not wheelchair accessible, it now also needed a new roof, skylights and mold mitigation.

Enter U.S. Air Force veteran and MSU Denver Human Services student Andrew Canales. He is the founder of the new nonprofit Houses for Warriors, which is committed to providing adaptive housing for veterans with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness.

Watch as Canales shares his journey from the Iraq warzone to MSU Denver and Lochbuie, where he reveals to Strancener the stunning renovation of his home.

Editor’s Note: RED’s “Mission Ready” is a monthly feature highlighting the work of an outstanding Colorado nonprofit. There are more than 25,000 nonprofit organizations in Colorado, and MSU Denver’s Department of Human Services & Counseling is providing students with the skills and fieldwork required to lead them through its Nonprofit Studies concentration.


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