Rosemarie Allen

Degree: Ed.D.


Department: School of Education

Rosemarie Allen


African American/Black Education Teacher Education


  • Disproportionality in discipline
  • Addressing challenging behaviors of children
  • Child care licensing regulations
  • Cultural competence


Rosemarie Allen, Ed.D., is a professor of Early Childhood Education. She began teaching at MSU Denver in 2004.

Her research interests are related to addressing the disproportionate number of children of color expelled and suspended from early childhood programs and how culturally responsive teaching can more effectively address the problem.  She was appointed as a Global Leader for Early Childhood in 2009 and represents the United States biannually at World Forums across the globe.

Allen has also served as director of the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care, for five years.  During her tenure, she worked with state and national leaders to create programs that became nationwide models. The Center for Social Emotional Competence (Pyramid Plus) was created, quality measures were added to early childhood rules and regulations, a statewide quality rating system for all licensed programs was initiated, early childhood guidelines aligned with Colorado Department of Education standards were developed, and the Professional Development blueprint was formed, building the foundation for Colorado to receive a 45 million dollar Race to the Top Early Childhood Challenge grant in 2011.

Allen consults with early childhood leaders on culturally responsive practices, micro-aggressions and facing personal bias and privilege.   She currently serves on the National Pyramid Model Consortium team, has served on the Board of the National Association for Regulatory Agencies, the Mayor’s Commission on Early Childhood, the Early Childhood Professional Development Task Force and many governor and mayoral commissions.

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