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The south side of the Curious Theater Building on W. 11th Ave. and Acoma St., painted in 2018. Photo by Amanda Schwengel

PHOTOS: Denver murals by Carlos Frésquez and his students

Check out these pics and then use this map to see them for yourself.

August 12, 2020

By Amanda Schwengel

The art of Carlos Frésquez has been featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum and exhibited around the world from the Middle East to Latin America and Russia.

But his hometown of Denver remains the primary gallery for his murals and street art, which focus on themes of justice and Chicano culture. And since the Metropolitan State University of Denver alum and art professor has been teaching for decades, the works of his students are now also important parts of the Mile High City's art scene.

WATCH: Carlos Frésquez reflects on the power of murals and street art

"I feel very proud that my former students are able to share their visual gifts with (their) various communities," Frésquez said. "Former students have not only painted murals here in Denver, they have painted them in Hawaii and in New York City and many places in-between."

Check out RED's photo gallery of Frésquez's work across Denver and then use this map to see these murals for yourself.


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