Steve Geinitz

Nels Grevstad

Nels Grevstad, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Grevstad has been teaching at MSU Denver since 2004 where he is also a faculty advisor for probability and statistics majors. He was a teaching/research assistant at Purdue University for 6 years prior. His research interests include ecological and environmental statistics; estimation theory and nonparametric regression.

Grevstad received his doctorate in statistics and a master’s in mathematical statistics from Purdue University in 2003 and 2001 respectively and a bachelor’s in statistics from University of Washington in 1996.

Cynthia Erickson

Cynthia Erickson, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience in the department of psychology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She teaches a range of topics ranging from social issues such as multicultural psychology to cellular and molecular neurobiology.

Over the years, Erickson has conducted research from coast-to-coast mainly focusing on the neurobiology of visual memory and perception. Most of her research involves studying how the brain changes with learning and subsequently how the aging process alters this ability. Along with MSU Denver undergraduates, Erickson is investigating the relationship between consumption of probiotics and age-associated cognitive impairments in humans. The research has significant implications for development of cost-effective memory aids for an aging population.

With an early passion for psychology, Erickson received her doctorate in Psychology and Neuroscience from University of Arizona, a masters in Psychology and Learning from Emporia State University, and a bachelor’s in Psychology, English and Biology from Nebraska Wesleyan University. She received an Excellence in Teaching Award from the Psi Chi Honorary in Psychology in 2013. Additionally, Erickson has published several articles on her research and expertise in psychology and neuroscience, and held numerous presentations at conventions and conferences.

Ben Dyhr

Associate Professor Ben Dyhr received his Ph.D. studying stochastic processes of conformal maps at the University of Arizona. The branches of mathematics his thesis uses heavily are probability theory and complex analysis. He is also interested in connections between art and foundational mathematics, enjoys outdoor recreation and is an avid word traveller.

Shahar Boneh

Shahar Boneh, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

He is an advisor for the Probability and Statistics majors and faculty sponsor for the Actuarial Club. Boneh received an Outstanding Performance in Teaching award in 2004.

Boneh received his doctorate from University of California, Santa Barbara.