Angelica Bahl

Degree: Ph.D.


Department: Marketing

Angelica Bahl


Business Foreign Policy and Security International Business International Studies Marketing


  • International or Global Marketing, including Russian and Indian Markets
  • Russian Business Development
  • Free Trade Agreements in Global Markets
  • Intellectual Property Protection in Global Markets
  • Creativity in Business Practice
  • Consumer Behavior and Technology
  • Experiential Learning in Business and Marketing Education


Angelica Bahl, Ph.D., joined MSU Denver in 2004 and teaches various marketing courses, such as International Marketing, Marketing Around the Globe, Principles of Marketing, Marketing Logistics and other courses.  Dr. Bahl has over 20 years of teaching and research experience in higher education, including undergraduate and MBA programs.  She grew up in Russia, where she started an academic career at the Far-Eastern Academy of Economics and Management.  After earning her degree in Master of Art in Economics from Russian University in 1986, Bahl completed a Ph.D. in Economics with a concentration in Marketing from Plekhanov Academy of Economics in Moscow in 1994.

Bahl has extensive experience in international business.  From 1997 to 1999, she served as the Marketing Director at the Far-Eastern Commercial Bank in Russia.  In 1998, she completed the intergovernmental program “Russia and Japan” where she presented her research project and was awarded with the certificate of “Marketing in Japanese Corporations.”

She is an ongoing educator and researcher who is engaged in professional development as a means to fine-tune her skills and knowledge.  Dr. Bahl stays current with academic and business trends, and parlays her knowledge into bottom-line results for her students and marketing education. Since 2013, Dr. Bahl has been a visiting professor in several foreign universities, such as SYMBIOSIS Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) in Pune and Hyderabad, India and Far Eastern Federal University in Russia.

Bahl has published more than 20 refereed conference proceedings and journal articles, including international publications. She has been a consultant to American businesses at the World Trade Center in Denver since 2004.

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