Rebecca Trammell

Degree: Ph.D.


Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Rebecca Trammell


Criminal Justice/Criminology Gang Violence Sociology and Anthropology


  • Prison culture
  • Prison violence
  • Prison rape
  • Violence against incarcerated child molesters
  • Gender and prison violence
  • Restorative justice rituals


Rebecca Trammell, Ph.D., is a professor in the Criminal Justice and Criminology Department. She specializes in inmate violence, incarceration, prison culture and gender. She has published articles on relational violence, the inmate code, violence against child molesters in prison, and legal practices in Islamic countries.

Her book “Enforcing the Convict Code: Violence and Prison Culture” focuses on how culture is transmitted in prison and how male and female inmates differ with regard to how violence is socially constructed. She was a principal investigator for a comprehensive study of male and female inmates in Nebraska where she researched conflict between inmates and staff and the connection between respect and violence in prison. She has taught courses in Criminological Theories, Research Methods, Victimology, Juvenile Justice, Female Offenders, and Punishment and Society.

Trammell studied sociology at San Diego State University, where she received her bachelor’s in sociology. She then received her master’s in sociology from the University of California, Irvine in 2002 and her doctorate from the same university in 2007.

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