Uwe Kackstaetter

Degree: Ph.D.

Professor of Geology

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Uwe Kackstaetter


Energy Environment Geology Science Water


  • Applied geology and mineralogy which includes volcanology and hydrogeology (groundwater)
  • Kimberlites (diamond bearing rocks) and diamonds
  • Rare Earth elements and mining
  • Gemstones
  • Gemology
  • Geology
  • Religion


Uwe Richard Kackstaetter, Ph.D., is a professor of geology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. His expertise spans two continents from environmental testing of drinking water wells, groundwater flow modeling, site contaminant evaluations, as well as geologic and hydrologic field investigations.

As an educator, he taught in college and secondary classrooms, where he conducted numerous national and international geological field courses. Kackstaetter received the prestigious 2014 Faculty Senate teacher of the year award from MSU Denver. His current interests are in developing various practical approaches as advanced tools for the geosciences, such as automated percolation water testers, new wavelength dependent night prospecting tools, improved processes of rock and mineral thin sectioning, and clay mineral analytical processing and computations.

Kackstaetter, received his master’s in Geology from BYU, Provo and his Ph.D. in applied geology and mineralogy from the University of Würzburg, Germany.

See also http://college.earthscienceeducation.net/page2.html

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