Leanna Mathews

Matthews, Leanna


Biology, Environment, Science


Animal behavior, Marine mammals, Bioacoustics, Animal communication, Impacts of noise on acoustic communication

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Affiliate Professor

Department: Biology

Email: lmatthe9@msudenver.edu

Mobile Phone: 210-857-7411

Interviewed by: National Geographic, 9NEWS

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Leanna Matthews, Ph.D., is an affiliate professor in the Department of Biology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. In addition to teaching at MSU Denver, she is the assistant director for the Sound Science Research Collective, a nonprofit organization focused on using acoustics to address marine mammal conservation concerns.

In 2019, Mathews participated in a study conducting field work to learn more about the communication patterns of humpback whales off the southeastern coast of Alaska. She worked with other biologist to collect above-water and underwater data to see how whales responded to certain sounds. Her research areas center around marine biology and animal behavior. Matthews areas of expertise include animal behavior, marine mammals, bioacoustics, animal communication and impacts of noise on acoustic communication.

Mathews received her Ph.D. in biology from Syracuse University in 2017, and her bachelor’s degree in biology from Baylor University in 2011.