Christina Angel

Angel, Christina


Cinema, Literature and Theatre, Pop Culture, Rhetoric


Literature (medieval, early modern British), Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Children's literature, Fairy tales, Mythology, Film, Comics, Pop culture

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Lecturer

Department: English


Office Phone: 303-615-1264

Mobile Phone: 720-422-9025

Interviewed by: Westword, The Denver Post, Yellow Scene, OutFront


English Lecturer Christina Angel is the convention director for Denver Comic Con, the nation's fourth largest pop culture gathering. She also created and leads Page 23, DCC’s literary conference, and she serves on the board of directors of Pop Culture Classroom, a nonprofit, educational program designed to improve children's literacy.

Angel's extense teaching experience includes courses in literature (the classics, Old and Middle English texts, medieval, renaissance, mythology, children's literature, and comics and graphic novels), rhetoric, pedagogy and film.