Kenn Bisio, right, teaches a beginning photojournalism course at MSU Denver. Bisio is one of the more than half of MSU Denver faculty and staff who identified as first-generation college graduates in a campus survey. Photo by Jessica Taves

The second-wildest journalism teacher in the West

I’m First Gen Too: An MSU Denver professor shares his own first-generation college experience.

Elizabeth High School teacher and MSU Denver alumnus, Dan Marcus, surrounded by current and former students. Marcus has been nominated for the National Communication Association’s Wallace A. Bacon Lifetime Teaching Excellence Award. Photo by Alyson McClaran

Making the grade

Alumnus earns nod for national lifetime teaching award.

Tony Velasquez reading a book, with many books piled behind him.

The power of words

Here’s how a seemingly simple question led Tony Velasquez to one of the most prestigious schools in the world – Oxford University

Nine years ago, Audrey Johnson didn’t know what a social worker was or did. This May, she’ll earn a master’s degree in social work from MSU Denver. Photo: Alyson McClaran

Keeping kids safe

A tuition stipend and online degree are helping this alumna make a big difference in her small town.

Reisher scholar Karl Muniz has found the program transformative both personally and academically. Priority general scholarship deadlines for 2018/19 are March 1. Photo by Mark Stahl

A full-ride on the road ahead

This scholarship prioritizes creating debt-free graduates. Here’s how it’s impacting two awardees’ lives.

Smiling graduates at MSU Denver ceremony.

Leading the way to get that 'A'

Thanks to a resourceful program, students who fell just short of admissions requirements are being accepted to college anyway – then given the support to succeed.​

MSU Denver

The Denverite who really did go Dutch

When a Dutch and Denver professor swapped jobs last year, they also embarked on a fascinating globe-trotting correspondence.

Alumna and chief of family and community engagement for Denver Public Schools, Tameka Brigham, Ed.D.

A class act

Alumna Tameka Brigham is a leader for educational equity in Denver Public Schools.

Miriam "Mimi" Madrid holds hands with her sister, Tahiyari Yatzil Puga, 5, right, and her friend Zoë Sandoval, 5, as they jump with excitement after the Latinx Graduation Ceremony on May 3 at the Tivoli Turnhalle. The green dress that her little sister is wearing is the same dress Madrid wore when she was a child living in E Paso, Texas. Photo by Alyson McClaran

To tell the truth

Graduating student journalist Mimi Madrid takes on survivorship, storytelling and a decade between college classes.

Alum Zena Dyson leaning against a brick wall

Zena: warrior-graduate

For Zena Dyson, the path forward hasn’t been an easy one – but perseverance pays off, one step at a time.

By taking concurrent-enrollment classes at Metropolitan State University of Denver while attending the Denver Center for International Studies, Alex Jones earned a college degree before receiving his high school diploma.

Degree before diploma

18-year-old will graduate from MSU Denver, then from high school.

Phil Hart, Ph.D. is the 2018 Rachel B. Noel Distinguished Visiting Professor.

The Hart of a city (planner)

2018 Noel Professor talks gentrification, inclusive urban development and life lessons found in a basketball game.

Photo by Elizabeth Moreno Rosales

A career in education leads to graduation

Delores Leslie, a paraprofessional in Denver Public Schools, goes back to college to better educate the special-needs students she serves

South Adams County Fire Protection District Chief Kevin Vincel take first spot in new undergraduate internship at MSU Denver. Photo by Alyson McClaran

Hail to the (fire) chief

Kevin Vincel is an MSU Denver student who's landed the first spot in a high-flying homeland security internship.

MSU Denver’s Daisy Corso begins moving signs to the location where the class wants them mounted in the courtyard of Cheltenham Elementary School. Photo by Alyson McClaran

Not all heroes wear capes

Mild-mannered students by day, Roadrunner interns transformed into an elite design team to save a school’s branding efforts.

MSU Denver faculty members Greg Clifton, left, and Elizabeth Hinde, right, were awarded MSU Denver Champion Advocate Awards for testifying and advocating for legislation that passed during the 2018 session. Photos by Mark Stahl.

More teachers, less cheating and value in education

MSU Denver faculty lead the charge against the teacher shortage and academic fraud at the legislative level.

Lesly Castillo spoke only Spanish before she moved to Denver in 2015 and enrolled at Abraham Lincoln High School. She is excelling in the dual-enrollment Spanish-minor program that could give her up to 21 college credits before she leaves high school.

A minor with a major impact

A concurrent-enrollment program from MSU Denver and Abraham Lincoln High School offers students the chance to complete enough credits for a Spanish minor before leaving high school.

MSU Denver students Clinton Woods (left) and Steven Stier (right) conquered their dislike of math. Both are graduating from MSU Denver in mathematics with a concentration in probability and statistics.

Strength in numbers

Two military vets summon their grit and earn hard-fought victory over … math.

Sean Peters is the Provost

Homeless to homebrewing: Peters never quits

From living out of his car to living out his dream, Provost’s Award winner prepares to open brewery after graduation.

Photo by Alyson McClaran

From migrant work to master’s degree

A decade after missing school to pick potatoes, a first-generation graduate can’t get enough education.

Maggie Larson, teaching English to students in the classroom while working for AMES.

“Realizing the positive in the moment”

Chance encounters helped one student integrate international perspectives – and make the personal connection within.

For the past 14 years, Metropolitan State University of Denver has been home to one of three grant-funded Teaching With Primary Sources regional hubs that offer professional development for educators and administer grants to universities, school districts, library systems and other organizations on behalf of the Library of Congress.  Photo by Peggy O

Straight from the source

Smithsonian and Library of Congress throw open their digital doors, giving teachers access to troves of unfiltered information

MSU Denver alumna Gabriela Rodriguez works for KIPP Colorado Schools as an advocacy and community engagement assistant, helping parents get involved with their students

Unabashedly undocumented

For undocumented immigrants living in fear, MSU Denver alumna Gabriela Rodriguez lends her voice.

MSU Denver senior Abby Gray works on homework for her Micro Biology class in the Auraria Library and says most of her homework assignments are online. Photo by Alyson McClaran

A catalyzing force for open access

Chemistry faculty member finds periodic use of these resources increases teaching quality – and seats at the table.

Ian Hodges teaches kids at Park Hill Elementary School while student holds up a timeline

Paving a STEMpath for teachers

Tech startup, nonprofit help University address K-12 shortage.

A montage of Gabriella Rodriguez, Jesus Quintana Martinez, Roberto Nava and Kenn Bisio, all the first in the their families to go through higher education.

Four first-generation college success stories

On the 53rd Anniversary of the Higher Education Act, institutions around the country celebrated first-generation college students.

Elizabeth Hubbard is the spring 2017 MSU Denver Provost

This is your brain off drugs

Elizabeth Hubbard struggled with drug addiction as a young adult; today she is a top student in her graduating class.

Three of the four judges at the 2018 Denver Post Colorado State Spelling Bee were MSU Denver faculty members. Photo by John Arnold

Professors spell h-e-l-p-i-n-g

MSU Denver continues contributing judges to Colorado bee.

Graduating class

Class is over. Now the real work begins…

For university students, it’s no longer enough to just get good grades. Employers are looking for that little extra something.

Jacqueline Lujan gives kindergartners "wild curiosity" by reaching them where they are. Photo by Alyson McClaran

Third-gen teacher speaks kids' language

Jacqueline Lujan gives kindergartners “wild curiosity” by reaching them where they are.

CESA Director Brandi Scott, standing on a stairway with an MSU Denver banner hanging behind her. Photo credit: Alyson McClaran

Equity, TRiO news and caffeine-powered conversation

Brandi Scott talks about national student-support policy and MSU Denver’s new Center for Equity and Student Achievement in this Coffee Break episode.

Tina Ramirez, center, and daughters Marion, left, and Stacy will graduate together from MSU Denver on May 11. “I’m very excited that we’re going to be accomplishing such a great goal together,” Tina says.

It runs in the family

A mom and her two daughters will graduate together.

Andrea Herrera joined Met Media as a freshman and will graduate with a job at Entravision in Denver. Photo by John Arnold

This just in: Student’s TV job a ‘dream come true’

Met Media’s Andrea Herrera takes journalism pedigree to Entravision as news producer and editor.

Chris Escobar is the spring 2017 MSU Denver President

Sometimes, in a given moment...

President’s Award winner Chris Escobar is graduating from MSU Denver as one of the most accomplished students in his class.

President Janine Davidson, Ph.D., pictured on the Auraria Campus.

The road ahead for higher ed

Workforce development, cybersecurity and future of higher education to be discussed at Inauguration of Janine Davidson Sept. 4-7.

Reading a book -- not on an electronic screen -- is great for helping kids wind down at night and fall asleep. Photo by John Arnold.

Quality sleep and good food

For back-to-school, prioritize these two critical items

Sport management student Brad Birling is going to the Winter Olympics in South Korea as a consumer products intern for the U.S. Olympic Committee. Photo by Alyson McClaran

Going for gold with an Olympic internship

Sport management student Brad Birling headed to Winter Olympics as an intern for the U.S. Olympic Committee.

President Janine Davidson, Ph.D., delivers her keynote address at Sept. 7 Investiture ceremony.

Dedicated to the future of students – and the state

Invested as president of MSU Denver on Sept. 7, Janine Davidson posits path forward for higher ed

Person surrounded by debt-related items.

‘Til debt do us part

Even with comparatively low tuition rates, student loan debt can be debilitating. Our aid expert weighs in on what everyone needs to know.

Left to Right, Allie Dirks and Andrea Garcia-Portillo, in front of the student-designed and -painted mural in the Student Success Building. Photo/Mark Stahl

Entrepreneurs in enrollment

At MSU Denver, innovation comes standard. These two students are improving the process of going to college from the ground up.

A tight job market that has lasted for several months should work in favor of new graduates. Also, real wage growth is up for the first time in years.

Opportunity knocks loudly for grads

With low unemployment, Colorado companies hunger for qualified applicants.

Black and white photo of jungle gym mixed with areas of color Photo by Kylie Henson

What happens when we don’t make time for recess?

While physical activity has obvious long-term benefits, research shows its value in the classroom, too.

2018 spring President

Running the road out of darkness

President’s Award winner Maria Coppersmith-Buschman is living proof that resilience is real, difficulties strengthen us and living matters.

MSU Denver psychology professor Randi Smith determined to help homeless students.

'Ghosts' on campus: The plight of homeless students

Randi Smith knew there was a hidden population of homeless students on campus – and she was determined to help them.

MSU Denver student Justin Darnall named ACE Student of the Year.

Veteran turned student wins the war for his future

When Justin Darnall left the Marines in 2012, he traded one war for another: the war for his future.

Dr. Darlene Sampson holds her sign from the Martin Luther King Jr Day March that will be on display at History Colorado. Photo by Mark Stahl

Sign of the times

Professor Darlene Sampson created a sign to show what she stood for in her profession. It would become part of history.

Connor Cottrill will graduate from MSU Denver

Change is a-brewin’

From dentistry to first-place individual and team finishes in prestigious beer competitions, this grad’s tapping into transformation.

MSU Denver student places her end-of-day reflection on a light bulb after the 2018 Illuminate day of service. Photo by Alyson McClaran.

Volunteering: A bright idea

Students pitch in to help their communities – and in turn, themselves – during the 2018 Illuminate day of service.

Rita Dimond, Jazmaray Martinez, and Navin Dimond are all smiles after Martinez is surprised with a five thousand dollar check for the Fellow of the Year award. Photo by Alyson McClaran

No reservations: Dimond Fellows embrace hospitality

The Rita and Navin Dimond Fellows Program gives students a deep dive into the hospitality industry while helping develop a diverse, skilled workforce in Denver.

MSU Denver student Luke Mossell, left, bounces a ball to Thomas Ford, right, as they practice a warm-up activity for physical education classes. Photo by Alyson McClaran

Fit for duty: The veterans who teach P.E.

Veteran and military students enroll, engage and excel in new Physical Education Teacher Education program.

Head Tivoli brewer and MSU Denver beer program alumnus/affiliate faculty Nate Nicklas (left) with Eric Toft, world-renowned brewmaster from the southern Bavarian Private Landbrauerei Schönram. One of the most decorated brewers in the world, Toft collaborated with Tivoli to bring back the historic Hi-En Brau Swiss-style dunkel, at one time the brewery

Buds in suds

MSU Denver beer program’s Scott Kerkmans details how industry partnerships are a key ingredient in brewing success.

Dean Liz Hinde in her office, with books on the table and light coming in through the window.

Historical truth is hard to handle

There are reasons history is rewritten: Today’s concerns and controversies shine light on things that were papered over