Sheila Rucki

Rucki, Sheila


Politics/Public Policy, Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy and Security


Women in politics, International political economy, Political theory, International relations (especially issues of national sovereignty and U.S. foreign policy), Women's politics and political issues (especially in U.S. domestic policy)

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

Department: Political Science


Office Phone: 303-615-2033

Alternate Phone: 303-907-0322

Interviewed by: CBS4, 850KOA


Sheila Rucki teaches Political Theory, Political Systems & Ideas and International Political Economy.  

She has taught at Metropolitan State University of Denver since 2000. 

Rucki recently published “Global Economic Crisis and China’s Challenge to Global Hegemony” in New Political Science. Rucki’s other recent papers include: “Resurgent Neoliberalism in American Political Discourse,” “Neoliberal Backlash and the Great Recession,” and “Resurgent Neoliberalism and the Struggle for Hegemony.”