Robert Preuhs


African American Issues, Colorado, Latino Issues, Politics/Public Policy, Colorado - The Purple State


American politics, Public policy administration, State and local politics, Racial and ethnic politics, Research methodology

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Chair, Professor

Department: Political Science


Office Phone: 303-615-2031

Alternate Phone: 303-882-7377

Interviewed by: Walls Street Journal, PBS, Colorado Public Radio, La Opinion, New York Times, Public News Service,, WBGH, Fox News Latino, Hispanically Speaking, Univision, KUVO-FM,, National Public Radio, Financial Times, Dallas Morning News, El Semanario, 850KOA, WalletHub, Denverite, 9NEWS, Westword, Colorado Community Media, Denver7, FOX31, The Denver Post


Robert Preuhs teaches Conducting Political Analysis, American National Government and American State & Local Government, and serves as the adviser for the Public Administration minor. 

He has taught at Metropolitan State University of Denver since 2007. 

Preuhs has published many academic papers, including “Descriptive Representation as a Mechanism to Mitigate Policy Backlash: Latino Incorporation and Welfare Policy in the American States” in Political Research Quarterly; “The Conditional Effects of Minority Descriptive Representation: Black Legislators and Policy Influence in the American States” in The Journal of Politics; “Descriptive Representation, Legislative Leadership, and Direct Democracy: Latino Influence on English Only Laws in the States, 1984-2002” in State Politics and Policy Quarterly.

He has also co-authored (along with Rodney E. Hero) Black-Latino Relations in U.S. National Politics:  Beyond Conflict or Cooperation (Cambridge University Press, 2013), the first study of minority inter-group relations at the national level.

His research focuses on issues of representation and democracy through the lens of racial and ethnic politics, state and national political institutions, and public policy.