David Parr

Parr, David


Geography, GIS/Mapping, Science, Virtual / Augmented Reality


Geographic information science / geospatial science, Mapping (online maps, augmented and virtual reality spaces), Collaborative mapping and citizen science, Use of spatial information in the online world (how privacy interacts with mapping information on phones, wearable devices, etc.)

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Email: dparr1@msudenver.edu

Office Phone: 303-615-0854

Mobile Phone: 720-739-1447


David Parr, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of Geospatial Sciences in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

His research interests include social and technical aspects of the GeoWeb, and using citizen science to collect and monitor data. Parr has published research articles in Transactions in GIS, Media, Culture, and War, and the Journal of Applied Geography. He has presented research internationally and at conferences including the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, the National Council of Geographic Education, the OpenStreetMap State of the Map conference, the International Geographers Union, and the Applied Geography conference.

Parr received a doctorate in Geographic Information Sciences a masters in Geography from Texas State University.