William Huddy

Huddy, William


Communications, Journalism and Mass Communication, Politics and Media, Politics/Public Policy, Rhetoric, Social Media


Political communication, Media & celebrity studies, Public speaking, Radio and television news

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Senior Lecturer

Department: Communication Studies

Email: whuddy@msudenver.edu

Office Phone: 303-615-0595

Mobile Phone: 303-660-2669

Interviewed by: Denver7


William Huddy is a lecturer for the Communication Arts and Sciences Department at Metropolitan State University of Denver, where he teaches Communication Research & Theory Building, Campus Communication, Communication and Politics, and Public Speaking. He earned his Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Denver in 2012.

Prior to his career in academia, Huddy had a 20-year career in radio and television news. Huddy's professional experience includes reporting, editing, producing, anchoring, photojournalism, working as an advertising representative and working as a news director.

His primary research interests include media and celebrities, dependence on mobile phone technology, student engagement in public speaking, dynamic changes in political campaigning (and the importance of internet campaigning with less reliance on television), and new methods in communication as a means of activism and social justice.