Tobin Eppard

Eppard, Tobin


Beer/Brewing Operations, Beverage Management, Business, Hospitality, Events and Tourism, Marketing


Brewing, Product development, Process engineering, Microbiology, Brand marketing, Operations mangement, Learning development, Organizational development, Process Improvement, Quality management, Process safety management

Degree: M.B.A.

Title: Lecturer, Brewing Operations Program coordinator

Department: School of Hospitality


Office Phone: 303-605-7622

Interviewed by: US News and World Report, The New Brewer, Zymurgy, Golden Transcript


Tobin L. Eppard M.A. is a lecturer and coordinator for brewing operations program in the School of Hospitality at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He has been tenured at Coors Brewing Company since 1986 where he started in the Quality Control and Microbiology Department and has worked in many technical disciplines in the areas of quality management, production, research pilot brewing, brewing technology training, research and development, product development/innovation and corporate brewing.  He frequently consults globally within the brewing industry about yeast and fermentation processes. 

Eppard was the President of the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) Wild West Local Section 8 from 1998 to 2003 and served on the Executive Board for the Rocky Mountain Section of the Master Brewers’ Association of the Americas (MBAA) as co-technical chair from 2004 to 2010. He also serves on the MBAA Higher Education Committee, and Executive Board as the Executive President of the MBAA. Eppard has been recognized by the Institute of Brewing Distilling (IBD) council election as a Fellow and remains actively involved with them in the UK where he serves on the board of examiners. He served 33 years at Miller Coors and retired in 2019 as manager of staff brewing, supporting the technical science, operational learning and development needs of the Miller Coors brewery operations across North America as well as serving as an international consultant for both Coors and Miller family of brands for Molson Coors. 

Eppard received both his Master’s in marketing strategy and operations management from Regis University in 1997 and a bachelor’s in biology and chemistry from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1992. In addition, he received his professional brewer certification and completed the master brewer’s program from the University of California Davis in 1998.