Lisa Abendroth


Art/Fine Arts, Communications


Communication design, Graphic design

Degree: M.F.A.

Title: Professor

Department: Art


Office Phone: 303-615-0102


Lisa M. Abendroth is a tenured professor and the coordinator of the Communication Design program at Metropolitan State University of Denver, where her research embodies community-centered, public interest design focused on issues of social equity towards marginalized audiences. Working across diverse disciplines of design, her activities include critically assessing and writing about design that seeks to address underserved people, places and problems.

Abendroth believes design must be accountable—she demonstrated this in the critically acclaimed international exhibition, “Substance: Diverse Practices from the Periphery,” which she organized and curated. She is a founding member and regular contributor to the international design network, SEED®: Social Economic Environmental Design where she is a coauthor of the SEED Evaluator design assessment tool and a reviewer for project certification. In 2013, she was appointed to the SEED Advisory Board and presented the Award for Leadership in Public Interest Design. An expert in public interest design practices that use the SEED Evaluator tool, she lectures and presents its methodology and case studies in diverse educational contexts including the Public Interest Design Institute.

With a passion for collaboration, Abendroth promotes projects supporting culture, community, and collaboration through her firm culture, language and dialogue. She has lectured, presented, exhibited, and published nationally and internationally on research analyzing public interest design.