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Best RED videos 2020

Our visual storytelling added new dimensions this year with the most video content we've ever produced. Here are our best and most-watched videos of 2020.

December 18, 2020

By Amanda Schwengel

Mission ready: Houses for Warriors

WATCH: U.S. Air Force veteran and MSU Denver Human Services student Andrew Canales founded his new nonprofit to provide adaptive housing for veterans with disabilities.

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Denver murals and street art: 'walls with tongues'

WATCH: As artist Carlos Frésquez adapts his community paining class for COVID-19 concerns, he reflects on the power of murals from the paleolithic to the Renaissance to Colorado's Chicano Movement and beyond.

Accessibility by design

WATCH: Here's how an advanced manufacturing sciences student is using 3D printing to assist patients at Craig Hospital.

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Trauma-informed yoga takes root in Denver

WATCH: Jalisa Williams' Soulflower Experiences grows holistic and safe spaces for people of color to heal their bodies and their minds.

Earning a diploma on COVID-19's front lines

WATCH: Nursing students join stride community health center to ramp up testing for coronavirus — and earn the clinical experience required for graduation.

Meet MSU Denver's 100,000th graduate

WATCH: We connected the University's first graduate with its 100,000th graduate to learn how MSU Denver has changed and what advice he has for the Class of 2020.


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