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Student art hanging in the office of Colorado Speaker of the House of Representatives, Crisanta Duran. Left: Namuun Baatarjav’s “Broncos Lose;” right: Amanda Gilleland

A gallery show unlike any other

For Roadrunner artists, the chance to display their work for legislative leadership is a Capitol achievement.

April 24, 2017

By Cory Phare

Paintings, as physical artifacts, are expressive voices, frozen in time. And for Roadrunners, those voices now resonate throughout the rose quartz hallways of one of the most unique venues in the state.

That's because several students now can lay claim to showing their work in the Colorado State Capitol’s chambers.

According to the state's speaker of the House of Representatives, Crisanta Duran, the project has been a welcome tradition that highlights student voices and adds to the building's environment.

"Because of the recent renovations to the Capitol offices, our walls were noticeably bare going into February,” she said in a statement. “When the art finally made its way into our leadership offices, it gave the space a more inviting and welcoming feel."

The ongoing relationship between MSU Denver and state representatives stretches back to its origin with current University Trustee Terrence Carroll, a former House speaker, according Carlos Fresquez, associate professor of art and project facilitator.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for our community, and for our students to be showcased at this level – it’s a win-win,” Fresquez said.

And more than portfolio bragging rights, it’s a reminder that art represents many voices, coming together in the Capitol as one.

"Having students' work placed in our offices truly gives the sense that this is the 'People's House,'” said Duran. “We want every voice in our community to feel welcomed."

Click through the gallery below for examples of student artwork currently hanging in the Capitol, along with information and artists’ statements about their work.

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