Helene Ver Eecke


Biology, Beer/Brewing Operations


Microbiology, Extreme microbiology, Industrial fermentation, Teaching pedagogy

Degree: Ph D.

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Biology

Email: vereecke@msudenver.edu

Office Phone: 303-615-0238

Interviewed by: NASA magazine, Science Daily, Denver7


Helene Ver Eecke teaches biology and is a founding member and intercollege-liaison of the brewing operations programs at MSU Denver. Ver Eecke has been involved in the programs’ conceptualization and actualization, including co-developing the fermentation science course curriculum. To further prepare for these tasks she has shadowed at various fermentation facilities and quality assurance laboratories including Avery Brewery, Breckenridge Brewery, New Belgium Brewery, and UC Davis. As an avid home-brewer, she’s excited to further foster collaborations with the brewing community and expand brewing operations programs at MSU Denver.

As a specialist in extreme microbiology, her work has been featured in NASA Magazine, Science Daily and PNAS. Ver Eecke served as senior microbiologist for an industrial fermentation company where her skills of screening, cultivating, and optimizing microbes were expanded to large scale processes. Ver Eecke has been a professor of biology at numerous institutions and is currently a tenure-track professor at MSU Denver. She teaches General Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, and Fermentation Science, and is the faculty coordinator of General Microbiology. Ver Eecke’s research lab at MSU Denver is used to study various projects including brewing, bioremediation and extremophiles.