Nate Nicklas

Nicklas, Nate


Beer/Brewing Operations, Beverage Management, Mathematics


Brewery engineering and mechanics, Brewhouse operations

Degree: M.A.

Title: Affiliate Professor

Department: School of Hospitality


Office Phone: 303-556-3208


Nate Nicklas, M.A., is an affiliate professor in the Beer Industry Program at Metropolitan State University of Denver. His areas of expertise are brewery engineering, brewing mechanics and brewhouse operations.

Nicklas is also the director of brewing operations at Tivoli Brewing Company. He started as an intern brewer, while pursuing a certificate in brewing sciences and quickly became a full-time lead brewer.

His research interests include investigating different mathematical models to analyze statistical methods for conducting sensory panels and building an equation for determining the most efficient method of sparging for both maximum extract collection and to minimize water usage.

Nicklas received a master’s in mathematics education from University of Southern California in 2015 and a bachelor’s in mathematics with a minor in physics from MSU Denver in 2013. He also obtained a certificate in brewing sciences from MSU Denver in 2016 and completed two Cicerone certifications for beer professionals.